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Wallace and Tiernan Flow Meters and Gauges
UGSI Chemical Feed
Purgemeters, Rotameters, Flow Alarms and Pressure Gauges

Meter Accessories and Calibration

Meter Accessories and Calibration includes:

Meter Accessories
UGSI Chemical Feed Products offer a variety of accessories designed to complement our meters. Franklyn W. Kirk Co. can provide complete product information and provide you with complete installation information to ensure that your system will operate efficiently. Call 1-800-831-1250 for a full range of process controll equipment.

Wallace and Tiernan - Electronic Transmitter

4-20 mA Electronic Transmitter

Two or four wire operation for use with any meter using a UGSI Chemical Feed; indicator. Allows remote monitoring of the meter's flow rate.

Wallace & Tiernan Flow Controllers

5700 & 5800 Flow Controllers

These controllers are designed to maintain a constant set flow within a system regardless of variations in the line pressure. The 5800 series is used with UGSI Chemical Feed purge meters. The 5700 series is used with meters up to 3/4" pipe size.

Wallace and Tiernan Integral Flow Alarms

Integral Flow Alarm

For use with any meter with a UGSI Chemical Feed indicator. Low cost alarm which allows remote monitoring of either high or low set points. Both NEMA 4 and FM approved for intrinsically safe applications are available.

Wallace & Tiernan Flow Switches

5600 & 5500 Flow Switches

This compact option offers reliable high and/or low flow switching. Even under sudden flow surges switching remains reliable. Available in Hazardous (5500) and General Purpose (5600) versions.

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Meter Calibration
Meter CalibrationUGSI Chemical Feed offers NIST traceable calibration and certification services for flowmeter validation.  For complete details on our calibration services, please contact Franklyn W. Kirk Co. at 1-800-831-1250, or use our online Request Information form.

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