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Ramp Functions: Ramp Buffers - Pulse Accumulating Modules

ADTECH Ramp Functions include:

Adtech Model ARB 96 Adjustable Ramp BufferThe Adtech Model ARB 96 Adjustable Ramp Buffer provides an accurate and economical means of limiting/controlling the rate of change of an input process signal such as 4-20 mA.

The ARB 96 provides standard process current or voltage signals on the output with a maximum of 10 mV P/P output ripple.

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Adtech Model PAM 59 Pulse Accumulating ModuleThe Adtech Model PAM 59 Pulse Accumulating Module provides an accurate and economical means for integrating/totalizing the output of a wide variety of pulse output sensors to any standard process signal output.

Applications include turbine meters, positive displacement meter contacts and watt-hour meters.

The PAM 59 offers two modes of operation. In the standard mode, "Summing over a long period", the output is updated at a selectable preset rate. A typical application for this is totalizing flow pulses per unit of time. Alternatively, the update pulse may be externally applied.

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