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Raytek Corp - Noncontact IR Temperature Measurement
Raytek Corporation
Noncontact Infrared Temperature Measurement

Online Temperature Measurement Systems

Raytek Online Temperature Measurement Systems include:

Raytek Datatemp 2 Raytek DataTemp 2

DataTemp 2 lets you take accurate temperature measurements at programmable time intervals by using your computer as a data logger and recorder and Raytek's Thermalert or Raynger infrared thermometers for input.

Simple commands and pull-down menus make DataTemp 2 easy to install and operate, and it provides the necessary tools to put your temperature data together into easy-to-use graphs and tables.

DataTemp 2 offers these features:

  • Stores up to 5000 data points
  • Continuous automatic or manual single point temperature recording
  • Programmable time intervals, temperature scales, and limits to match your application
  • Lets you manipulate and organize your data into useable time-stamped tables and graphs
  • Operates in the background so it doesn't tie up your computer (mouse version)
  • Allows you to export data to ASCII files
  • DataTemp 2 is compatible with Raytek's Thermalert 30, 3, 4, and 6 series online sensors, Raynger PM30, 40, and 50, and Raynger 3i portable sensors.

System Requirements: a 286 or better running DOS 5.0 or later, 1 MB RAM (550K needed for program execution), a hard disk, a 5.25" or 3.5" high-density floppy drive, and an available COM port. If using the mouse version, the system also needs a Microsoft� compatible mouse.

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Raytek DataTemp MX Software Raytek DataTemp MX Software

DataTemp MX Software is a Windows� compatible data management software for temperature graphing and trend analysis. Use this software to organize, display, and print temperature data and customize log locations. Choose one of 30 preset emissivity values from the built-in table, or adjust the value to fit a specific application. Store up to 10,000 temperature measurement points using continuous or manual single-point recording. the software has programmable time intervals, temperature scales and limits, and can show both contact and infrared temperatures simultaneously.

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Raytek Online MP4 Series Temperature System DataTemp MP and Thermalert MP4 Linescanner

With DataTemp MP and the Thermalert MP4 linescanner, you can enjoy powerful image acquisition, playback, and analysis tools. You can simultaneously monitor real-time temperatures (above left) against optimal or benchmark temperatures (above right). Other features let you record, store, and playback your screens--then call up data for any specific individual spot or area you select.

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Rayteck Thermalert CS100 Raytek Thermalert CS100
Kiln Shell Temperature Monitoring System

Thermalert CS100 is a comprehensive temperature measurement system for monitoring, control, and analysis of rotating kiln shells used in cement and lime production. The system combines an environmentally protected infrared linescanner and a powerful, industrial software program.

The system allows you to accurately detect and monitor hot spots in refractory bricks in order to prevent costly kiln damage and extend production runs.

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Marathon DataTemp Measurement Systems Raytek Marathon DataTemp Software

Marathon DataTemp software facilitates use of the smart digital communications features of the Marathon infrared thermometers. This Windows-based package allows remote monitoring, trend plotting, data logging, sensor setup, process alarming, and statistical process control. Temperature data can be output to a file and archived or printed for process documentation.

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